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Price 6500 USD

Robert Lauer
Robert Lauer
online 4 months ago


10 November 2018


Complete High End, Boutique Pedalboard Professionally Wired & Ready to Rock

30 June 2019, 20:34

Price 6500 USD

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ad complete high end, boutique pedalboard professionally wired & ready to rock.



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Complete High End, Boutique Pedalboard professionally wired and ready to Rock. With the exception of the TC Electronic Polytune, most all of the components here are Boutique and/or High End discontinued pedals. Every component/pedal here has been professionally custom wired to a Pedaltrain NOVO 24 (both Audio & DC Power) by ToneZone LA Pedalboards in Los Angeles CA. Here is a list of the Pedals/Components:

Klon Centaur (early serial #)

Analogman Beano Boost w/NKT 275 germanium transistor

Budda Wah w/custom voicing and on 'LED'

JHS AT Drive

JHS Prestige Boost/Buffer w/custom paint

Decibel 11 'Time After Time' programmable analog delay w/MIDI

Strymon Mobius

Lehle 'Little Dual' A/B/Y

TC Electronics Polytune

GigRig Quartermaster 8 true bypass looper

Custom Amp Channel footswitch (lower left hand corner)

Strymon 'Zuma' (9) Tap High Current DC Power Supply

Custom front patch panel w/Guitar Input, Amp Out A, Amp Out B, Footswitch and a Powercon Locking AC Input

Pedaltrain NOVO 24 Pedal-Board w/ATA Style Tour Case

Signal Chain:

1st: Analogman Beano Boost

2nd: Budda Wah

3rd: TC Polytune

4th: Strymon Mobius

5th: Klon Centaur

6th: JHS AT Drive

7th: Decibel 11 'Time After Time' Analog Delay

8th: JHS Prestige Buffer/Boost

{the Output of the GigRig QM8 feeds directly into the input of the Lehle Little Dual, with the Little Dual's Outputs feeding Amp Output A & B respectively}

{the lower left hand corner foot-switch, when connected, will switch any latching type Amplifier 'Channel Switching' and/or Reverb - the LED is powered by a simple battery mounted underneath}

All Pedals are 'Always On' and are switched into the signal chain as desired by selecting the GigRig Quartermaster 8's individual loops as shown/labeled.

All components/pedals have been professionally wired with Klotz IY104 pro unbalanced low profile audio cable throughout, all the DC Power cabling was wired custom to each component/pedal precisely with Belden 9451 cable. Each Audio Cable is also custom wired precisely with High Quality HiCon 'Low Profile Pancake Style' right angle connectors. The front Inputs/Outputs, Footswitch and AC receptacle are all Neutrik Locking connectors. The Pedalboard does come with the mating AC male Powercon connector and grounded AC plug (as shown); the board also comes with the Pedaltrain accompanying ATA Style Tour Case w/heavy duty corners & latches. All you have to do is 'Plug & Rock' - if you have ever dreamed of putting together a 'Super Board' with time tested, coveted components - here is your chance to GRAB IT!

Please Do Not Ask Me to Part the Board Out - I Will NOT Do it - I repeat,

I Will NOT Part Out the individual pedals/components and sell them separately. This Sale is for the Entire Pedalboard as Shown - and it is not for sale individually.

Ask any and all questions prior, and I will answer them as best as I can.

The Pedalboard with the case weighs approximately 40 lbs., so it is somewhat heavy.



Robert Lauer
Robert Lauer
online 4 months ago


10 November 2018




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