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Powerful 330 Watts Paradigm Reference PDR-12 Powered Subwoofer 12" LF Driver Tested PDR12

21 January 2022, 16:34

Price 275 USD

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ad powerful 330 watts paradigm reference pdr-12 powered subwoofer 12 lf driver tested pdr12



Privat person / Business

Privat person

The subwoofer is in very good, clean, presentable cosmetic condition and in perfect working order.

Premium Paradigm subwoofer:

- Powerful 330 Watts peak

- Amazing deep tight smooth bass

- The nicely balanced sub that performs admirably

- 305mm high-quality speaker

- Excellent musicality

- Disappears from the soundstage, blending with the main speakers well - Plastic feet make it easy to slide around for placement.

- Terrifyingly powerful

- Classy look 41 lbs weight solid

This Paradigm PDR-12 powered subwoofer is in very good cosmetic condition (please take a look at the posted images) and is in perfect working order – clean, lightly used, natural sounding and quiet (no buzz or other unwanted noises), perfectly performing sub. The cabinet is very clean with only minimal signs of use (again, please take a look at the posted images).



Marcin Garczynski
Marcin Garczynski
online 2 year ago


1 December 2018




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