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Rent and helping hands

13 November 2021, 0:33

Price 500 USD

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ad rent and helping hands



Privat person / Business

Privat person

Pay rent on time every time with cash!

Do you need an extra set of hands�?

Would you like more time to yourself�?

How about more spending money�!?

All you would need is your own private land, complete with a 50amp electric service, access to a water spigot & sewer hook-up.

We are happy to lend a hand where needed. Mowing, week whacking, feed/water animals. Just let me know what we can do to help. We both work full-time jobs in the Brighton and Broomfield, CO areas. Husband's work hours are typical. 7am-4pm ish Monday-Friday.

I run my own housekeeping business. I work 5days a week some day are 10-12hrs days. And some are 6hrs.

We have an energy monitor system, efergy elite classic model just to help show how much energy usage it consumes. The RV is 42' long. It's a 2016 5 fifth wheel RV. We live in it full-time. Because the RV is 42' long we go to our friends and families homes. So we don't have people coming over just to hang out. We keep to ourselves. Cooking on the grill is one of our favorite ways to cook.

We have two sweet dogs! Sammie and Sadie! Sadie (Papillion 14lbs) is old and likes to sun and sleep in the AC. Sammie (Mutt/silly we think Lab/Heeler 45lbs) she's a water bug & loves to play ball and keep away!

If this is something that could work for you please PM me anytime. I will get back to you asap. If you have questions pleases ask. If you know someone who might be interested, or someone this can help. Please pass along.

Thanks in advance



Amanda Bosell
Amanda Bosell
online 2 year ago


18 June 2019




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