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Solar power

23 February 2021, 18:32

Price 100 USD

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Privat person / Business

Privat person

I'm looking for a handful of homeowners willing to help display our new black on black, sleek solar module technology. Each home will receive a solar system installed with no upfront costs and designed specifically for your home’s electrical needs.

Solar can eliminate your current power bill with BHE/CSU/SAN ISABEL, etc. leaving you with a small solar payment that’s ideally less than your current electric bill. If you are a homeowner who’s current with your current utility, and with no major shading, YOU CAN QUALIFY for NO OUT OF POCKET SOLAR! The system is still grid tied and compliant with all city and state regulations. We do everything to make converting to solar power more simple than changing your cell phone provider.

Message me for more information on how you can go solar with no out of pocket cost and learn about current subsidies that make a solar project the best home improvement project of 2019!

* Eliminate your power bill

* Make a change in your carbon footprint and help the environment

* Get FREE equity!

* Last year for the 30% FITC



Elisa Harrelson
Elisa Harrelson
online 1 year ago


22 April 2019




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